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Skate Your Butt Off - A Guide to Skating Hills-The key for inline skaters to climbing a hill is to keep a comfortable pace on the way up.  Burning out half the way up is not the goal, and neither is going too slowly because you are wasting energy.  Stretch out your stride, and transfer every available unit of energy to each stroke, and aim for the top of the hill.

OK, Something is not right here, my feet hurt when I skate!-I hear it a lot, "My feet hurt when I skate" or skaters experience cramping in their arches.  Not every skate will fit a persons foot exactly, because everybody's feet are a little different.  When your feet  hurt, you don't want to skate but there are some things you can do to help alleviate foot pain, blisters or cramping. 

On The Road Again, Traveling with your Inline Skates-After you have been skating awhile and have discovered the freedom and pleasure that comes with the fluidity of skating you should start thinking about traveling with your inline skates.  You will be amazed how touring on skates will change the perspective of a business or vacation destination.

When Should I Replace My Helmet?-Inline Skaters need to check their skate helmets every so often and ask yourself,  "Is it time to replace this helmet?" Well, that depends.

Stretches and Warm Ups for Inline Skating -Part of learning to skate is learning to master your edges, and your weight distribution on your skates.  The following exercises are designed to help you become aware of your edges, and learn to control them.  Doing these warm-ups on a regular basis will help your skating skills and build your confidence on your skates.

Socks, Blisters and Skates, Oh My! - Avoid Blisters by selecting the right socks, they should fit your foot, and not be too skin tight or too baggy.  Also choose a soft wicking material without cotton in them or choose a fiber blend.



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