On The Road Again-Traveling With Your Inline Skates

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After you have been skating awhile and have discovered the freedom and pleasure that comes with the fluidity of skating you should start thinking about traveling with your inline skates.  You will be amazed how touring on skates will change the perspective of a business or vacation destination.



Plan Your Trip:

The first thing I do when I know I will be traveling is to get online and search Ďskatingí in the city I am heading for.  An amazing wealth of information is available on the internet about places to skate, skate groups, skate events and local clubs.


Join the email list for the local group if they have one.  Introduce yourself and give the dates you will be staying in their city.  Skaters are friendly and excited to share their pavement with you.   They will let you know when and where you can hook up with them and what to expect for skating in that area.  They will even share all the great places that you canít miss seeing while you are there. You also get the extra added benefit of making a new skate friend.


The next challenge is packing your skate gear.  Call me paranoid, but if I am traveling with my skates, I am not going to check them.  Tired and weary after a skate trip one time, I checked my skates and, the one time I did, they didnít show up at the airport when we landed.  Fortunately we were home, but unfortunately my favorite skates, and accessories were lost somewhere between Florida and Oregon.  Fortunately they werenít lost on my way there.  I did finally receive my skate bag at my home.  

 What I do now, is prepare a small rolling carry on, one of the square suitcases with the pop up handles.  I take a sturdy piece of cardboard, and line the back of the suite case for extra support.  Then I pack all my skate gear and roll it onto the plane with me and it fits neatly in the overhead bin.  If you are traveling with two pairs of skates, which you may do if you plan on attending an event, or race, I sling the second pair over the handle of my roll along suit case itís a great conversation starter as well. 

Donít make the mistake of packing all your gear in a skate pack, or Trans pack.  If you have any extended layovers, or transfers, it is a long time or a long way to lug that pack around on your back.

What To Pack?

If you are just taking a pair of skates to tour the city, be sure to take your rec skates that are most comfortable.  As I mentioned previously some people will be traveling with two pairs.  If you are attending an event, where you need specialty skates, such as speed skates or dance skates, you will want to bring them as well as rec skates to do your touring in.  Specialty skates arenít always the most comfortable or designed for touring. 

  • Backpack
    You might want to pack a back pack to carry your shoes, water and camera, and you have a place to carry your skates and gear, when you stop at a destination. 

  • Get a Map!
    Also take the time to track down a good city map, it will be very handy.  I like the laminated fold up Street Wise maps, they are convenient and durable and you can find them in most hotel gift shops, drug stores or airports.

  • Skate Tool
    Donít forget to pack your skate tool, you will always need it and not every city has a convenient skate shop. 

  • Extra Parts
    A wise skater always takes a few extra wheels, a brake and a bolt.  You just never know when you will need them.

  • Socks
    Donít forget skate socks; figure on changing them at least once a day if you are planning just moderate touring.  If you are skating your entire trip, you will want to change them more than once a day.  Bring socks that dry fast so you can wash them in the sink at your hotel if necessary.  Depending on the climate, altitude and amount of skating, your feet may swell so be sure to pack some thin socks as well.  Donít forget to bring a durable plastic bag that you can seal all the used socks up in. 

  • Camera
    I get some of my best photos while skating.  So remember to pack a camera, and extra batteries.

Do you have a skate trip to share?  Please send photos and an article, along with your skate traveling tips to Inline Skate Resource



Skate Trips

Ashland Oregon

Venice Beach

Cherry Creek Trail - Denver

Gulf Port - Florida

Havre De Grace , MD

Miami, The Great EsSkate 2002


NYC-Central Park

Peach Tree - Georgia

St. Petersburg - Florida

Valley Forge Bike Trail



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Whatís the Law?
Check to see if you can find information on laws or regulations about skating.  Sometimes the, 'donít ask' method is the best way to go, but you should have an idea of the basics, so you avoid getting into too much trouble.  Remember to carry your ID, in case of emergency.

Touring on your skate is the best way to see a city, but remember you are a guest and an ambassador for inline skating.  Skate safe, wear your protective gear and a helmet.  Be friendly to people you meet, smile, use trail etiquette, and you will find that most people will enjoy taking the time to talk to you about their city and advising you on the best places to go.