Stretching and Warm Up Exercises for Inline Skaters

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 Inline Skating Warm Ups

Part of learning to skate is learning to master your edges, and your weight distribution on your skates.  The following exercises are designed to help you become aware of your edges, and learn to control them.  Doing these warm-ups on a regular basis will help your skating skills and build your confidence on your skates.

Remember to practice your warm-ups on the grass or carpet until you are comfortable with a skill, then move to the pavement one skill at a time.  Also remember all warm-ups should be done with more emphasis on the outside edge of your wheels this helps to provide a higher friction surface so you don't roll away.  (except the scooter push)

Remember your goal is to master use of your edges, and weight distribution by doing these exercises, so take time do them before you head out to skate.

Marching in Place

Knees High, land on your outside edges (pressure from heel to pinky toe skate turns out) Turning Knees High, marching turn in small steps to the right in a full circle, then to the left in a full circle

Touch Sides of Skates

With your eyes up, and your butt down, slowly bend at the knees  keeping your body centered as you lower yourself down and touch the sides of your skates with your hands.  Reverse and return to a standing position. (repeat 4 times)

Side Lunges

Step out (as you bend down to a squat with your knees.) just outside of your shoulder width with your right skate and land on your inside edge of  your right skate. Slowly roll the skate outward so that  your weight is centered over your right foot, emphasizing foot pressure on the outside edge.  Follow by stepping in with the left foot and rise a bit from the squat. Repeat to the right for 5 steps, then switch direction to the left.


Keep knees bent, and shift your weight to your right foot, pickup your left foot and lift it up and over the right skate, landing on the outside edge, shifting your weight to the left, then uncross the right. Repeat in both directions.


Line up your body so your center of gravity is over your right leg; remember to line up your nose with your knees and toes. Bend your right knee then slowly pick up the left foot and balance for as long as possible. Repeat this several times trying to increase time you are balancing. Then repeat with the left leg.

Scooter Pushes

Center your weight over your left leg, place both hands on your left knee and bed your left knee. Turn the toe of your right foot out slightly and push the ground out and away from you with the inside edge of the right skate (pressure from Big toe to heel so that skates rocks inward) Move yourself forward skating in a full circle with the right leg stroking only.  Repeat with the left.






Don't Forget to Stretch You Body
Stretching can also reduce your risk of injury. That's why the American College of Sports Medicine is now recommending that everyone do some type of stretching two or three days a week.  The following stretches are good for skaters.


Hamstring stretch: Lie on your back with your left foot flat on the floor and your right leg extended. Slowly raise your right leg as far as comfortable.  Use your hands to hold your leg in position. Keep your back flat on the floor. You should feel the stretch in the back of your leg. Remember to stretch both legs.

Stretching the Groin Sit up straight. Place your legs up towards your body and place the bottom of your feet together, your knees should be out and down towards the floor

Gently and slowly push your knees towards the ground with the your elbows on the insides of your knees.  If you donít feel anything, bring your feet close to your body.

Flexing Ankles: In a seated position. Keep your ankles straight and the toes pointed, slowly raise your foot as high as you can and lower it so that your toes are pointed to the floor. Also move the ankles in a circular motion both directions.

Either sitting or laying down, point your toes toward the ceiling and write your name in cursive in the air with your pointed toe. Don't forget to write it with both feet!

Seated twist: Sit on the floor with your left leg extended. Place your right foot on the floor next to the outside of your left knee. (If this isn't comfortable, move your foot closer to your ankle.) Then put your left elbow on the outside of your right knee and twist your torso and head back to the right. Place your right hand on the floor behind you for support. Reverse and repeat on the other side.

Flexing Hips: Standing up, bend the support leg in the skating position, and the other leg stretched out to the side in a stroking position. Slowly and  gently lower your body down until you feel the stretch and hold it. Be sure to stretch both legs.

Stretching Quads: Holding onto something for balance, grab your shin and pull your foot back toward your rear until you feel the stretch in the quadriceps. Hold and then repeat with the other leg







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